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Crazy dancer

~Run for cover~

Wasted youth
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I was lovelyliability once.

You be the pirate and I'll be the princess


♥ I want my mother to be happy
♥ I want long hair
♥ I want to go swimming
♥ I want to go somewhere I've never been
♥ I want pancakes
♥ I want a box of new paints
♥ I want to have a flying dream
♥ I want a boat
♥ I want warmer weather so I can not bother with my coat
♥ I want a nice garden
♥ I want to sit in somebody's bedroom and watch all of their films
♥ I want everyone I've ever known in my living room
♥ I want a cup of tea
♥ I want to paint every wall
♥ I want a new book to read
♥ I want a tambourine
♥ I want to be by the sea
♥ I want to know what my first best friend is doing right now and how her life has changed
♥ I want henna
♥ I want a projector and slides of all my friends
♥ I want to learn a new language
♥ I want to have a long conversation where we laugh alot and talk about things that seem so important but when we're old seem so small